panic-awni: how are you this fine day

Im good,how are you?



Would it be selfish of me to leave you at this point of your life or would it be foolish to stay?!

The fact that I am even contemplating the two is amazing because I love myself too much to be in something where a guy has two girls

But the worst thing to me is that you made me feel like the only one, & I defended you when people told me that I wasn’t the only one

& the thing that hurts is you made me care…I didn’t want to care for you, I didn’t even want to be involved with you but you insisted that you weren’t everything everyone was telling me about that everyone perceived you as something you werent…….& of course me believing that you could change….damn

I guess you made me feel when I was so disconnected from the word and I thank you on that, but you honestly ruined my trust for the next boy because I honestly trusted you….I believed in you.. I was loyal
To you..

God puts people in your life to learn a lesson and seriously I thought I was going to teach you a lesson but it turned out you teaching me a Lesson so I can’t complain or be mad

But still it sucks because I grew to love you, care for you & to trust you & now I don’t know if I even trust myself..